Friday, November 18, 2011

The Learning Process

What a busy month it's been and it's not even over!

I've learned a lot about marine protected areas, coastal resource management, and other similarly related topics in the past few months since we started trying to formulate a program for protecting the marine turtles (pawikan) who lay here, and there's so much more to learn.

Today marks the end of the event - "Water for Life, Tubig At Buhay". It was a pleasure to meet the Chris and Julie from the French Embassy, the staff and life of the Marine Science Institute , and the other people who attended the first symposium and round table event of the "Water for Life, Tubig at Buhay". I wonder how the rest of it went. I'm sure it was educational and interesting, as was the first day.

Ever since I started looking at what can be done to protect, rehabilitate, and conserve the coastal environment (in particular), I've been faced with almost unbelievable resistance. Generally speaking I find that people who have either received enough education or who are just simple folk who wish others no harm are much easier to deal with. They easily grasp the importance of caring for the environment and endangered animals without much explanation or downright arguing to get a point across. For those people who did not receive much education, they find the idea of having to pick up other people's trash - or stop throwing their own trash anywhere they please, what more, do something to protect the environment or an endangered species simply too much. I don't mean to put these people down. I am just stating the truth. It is the sad reality, but almost expected in a place where most people don't even finish high school.

I am a nobody but I believe I can bring about changes to this world- whether good or bad. I choose to do what I can for the betterment of society. Why? Because I know I can, and I am fueled by knowing that I can do something, however small.

Ever since I started trying to save the pawikan and doing other things for the Coastal Underwater Resource Management program, I've been faced with so much adversity. Why stop and go against the flow when it's so much easier to just go along with everyone else? Well sometimes it's good to stop and think about where everyone else is headed. Look at the problems as they are and look for solutions rather than turn a blind eye to them.

Life is a continuous learning process. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open and listen well. Sometimes the softest whispers are the most important ones in life.

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