Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Giving thanks

I'm so tired tonight. But relieved, satisfied, and very thankful. Our little municipality is a coastal town. Much of our natural resources are being used up without much notice. Some of the marine turtles who come around here get eaten, while others who are more fortunate to get to lay their eggs- have their eggs stolen by most poachers.

Today, we had a very nice discussion withe some of the town's stakeholders- the municipal agricultural office, fishery department, barangay captains, and councilors. We all agreed that we need to move forward and act- prevent problems from happening to our little town. We need to work to do what we can for the future generations and for the planet. We are responsible for our world. Our initial meetings on topics like the marine turtles etc., were met with some apprehension or doubt that what we were doing made sense. But now that things are clearer, I do believe we are all thankful.

I offer my thanks again to those who've helped us get here. We're all in this together. We all do what we can to move forward together. And of course, I offer my thanks to the Supreme Father, who in unseen ways, pave a way for us which at times seem so treacherous and difficult it seems it's the totally wrong way to be walking through until later, when a turn in the road reveals a smoother path. Whatever road I may get to, let me walk it with You.

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