Tuesday, October 18, 2011

China's Hit and Run

I'm horrified beyond words to see the video of the little Chinese girl who was run over twice and ignored by passers by. I think this would or should make any human stop and think. Where exactly are we going, what are we doing that's making us so hard and apathetic. Even animals are not quite as hard- the story about a dog guarding an abandoned baby and guarding a fellow dog, or of dolphins saving a surfer from a shark. What's wrong with us humans?

We need to start learning how to care about one another and the planet again. Too many of us are too self centered and focused on just trying to improve our own lives, get rich, and find "happiness" at the expense and suffering of countless other people. The result of this type of lifestyle and mentality is shown in the video of this little girl.  This is of course, an extreme example. An example which, I hope, will really open our eyes to the need to look for the truth which will set  us free from selfishness and hard heartedness.

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