Tuesday, September 27, 2011


A tree frog in a banyan grove...

Typhoon Pedring just hit us. Luckily it wasn't as bad as we expected it to be. Nothing more than a few branches broken for us. I feel really bad for the farmers who lost their crops though.
 The power of nature is awe inspiring. I spent a few hours on the beach yesterday (a safe distance from the waves) just feeling so alive, watching the waves smashing, crashing, booming on the beach, and feeling the wind ripping through. 

Lucky for us the only thing we had to rescue was our volleyball net on the beach when the water started to come in closer:

A few minutes later this is what it looked like:

Needless to say, within a few hours, the whole beach had a different look. And it's looking great for the pawikan. For the past few weeks the beach has been littered with sticks and some logs brought by the sea after the last typhoon. We cleaned off the plastics etc but there's been way too much sticks and logs to pick up all at once. The sea buried the sticks below several feet of sand yesterday, so it's all good. The sand dunes are looking much better and the contours are much better for pawikan to crawl on.

Nature's got her act together. We humans just seem to have a knack of messing with her stringent laws with the foolish and selfish intentions. It's time to start thinking twice where we're heading if we keep living the way we are today.

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